Blonde Hair Color Chart Tips for You who Want to Dye Your Hair

Blonde Hair Color Chart

This blonde hair color chart may help you to decide which blonde that applicable for your hair. For your information, this chart provides blonde’s colors ranging from light into dark blondes. It is such a perfect transformation from light into dark of blonde, right? You can figure out what kind of blonde which is suitable for your skin tone obviously. Do not be surprised with the glamorous hair color ever in this world. The popularity of blonde is never faded time to time. You may always use this blonde until your old time in the future. Check out them below.

Before you start to read our blonde hair color chart, it is best for you to know some tips of wearing blonde colors generally. Skin tone is the most crucial factor when you are wearing blonde. For your information, it does not matter whether you have medium or dark skin by the way. As long as you are able to choose the suitable one, the blonde will never go too far from your fashion. For example, you have fair skin tone. In this case, you may choose light blonde hair color instead of the darker one. But, you will contrast your skin if you have darker skin tone.

Blonde Hair Color Chart 2016

Another consideration before choosing one color in this blonde hair color chart is eye color. Women usually make a mistake when they choose blonde because they did not fit it with their eye color before. For your information, darker color of eyes likes black or brown matches with blonde hues. Meanwhile, other colors like blue or green may be best with blonde shades. That is the formula which you have to decide when you are dealing with your eye color. It may be a little thing, but it gives big impact for your styles obviously.

Some people believe that we can break any rules when use a blonde color at our hair. It seems ridiculous to avoid knowing some basic rules about blonde. You may be able to do-it-yourself in applying blonde color, but the best way is by consulting with your hairstylist firstly. Of course, they are experts to dye your hair instead of DIY things. In other words, do not hope best result if you dye your hair by yourself. So, what is the function of this chart? It helps you to choose what you really want and take it to the salon. Let them dye your hair with professional stuff and perfect result as same as this blonde hair color chart.


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