Fashion Jewellery Designs with Price Rules for Stylish Women

Here are some fashion jewellery designs with price that you have to adapt for your stylish and fashionable looks. We also put some rules within them that you can follow to be more stylish than before in wearing jewelry. Wearing jewelry gives positive aura for women who are wearing them. It enhances your appearance just in time. Women and jewelry are connected and integrated each other. Women without jewelry are like missing something at their body, right? This is the right statement so far. The beauty comes immediately when you have these rules in wearing jewelry.

The first rule for fashion jewellery designs with price is keeping your hand and neck not over-crowded. Yes, it refers to the quantities of your jewelry that you are wearing now. Crowded jewelry will make your hands or neck looking bad. Moreover, it resists your free-movement somehow. The rule is like this. Please do not wear bracelets and rings at once or together. It will make your hands full of them instead. People just attracted to your jewelry not on you anymore. Moreover, you have to know how to wear layered chain necklaces. It looks much sparkle on your body at the same time if you wore too many necklaces like these. If you consider wearing long necklace, please do not use belt at the same too.

fashion jewellery designs with price  2016

Making simple fashion jewellery designs with price is also the next rule of this guide. When you want to expose your big accessories, please do not wear complicated clothes like layers, mantle or jackets. Just a simple dress will be looking good if you have big necklaces. Moreover, plain colors like red or black should accentuate your jewelry for sure. The point of this simple rule is on the mixing the colors. White jeans should be paired with black short tops. This can be good for you to show off your layered chain necklace without other embellishment of course.

Lastly, we focus on your earrings. Since earrings are your jewelry because you are able to expose them on your head, it is important for you to let them exposed very well. Although when you cannot expose them, please use earrings too because you do not predict whether they will be exposed or not during your activities in front of everyone. The rule is to choose the earrings that will frame your face shape. Keep detailing the length and color. It gives so much better look than you just wear earrings carelessly for fashion jewellery designs with price rules today.

Bags for Women that should be Owned in 2016

Women these days just purchased their bags for women blindly. This is absolutely wrong because you have to follow the current trends to be fashionable women. Consequently, the unused bags will be ignored because its outdated design. Of course, it is such a wasted money activity, right? We have some tips for you who got this issue so far. We will give you some women bags that should be owned especially in this 2016. All of them are collected through what we see on televisions, popular stores and other sources in order to make this article validated. So, let us check them one by one without further ado.

The first one of trendy bags for women in 2016 is crossbody. If you do not what kind of bag it is, please do some researches by yourself through Google. In short, crossbody is the most versatile bag especially for women because it can be worn with any style or fashion that women have these days. You will have hands-free feature with this bag because it is placed on your body. Thus, you can do everything you want like shopping, drinking coffee and many more with this bag. Moreover, it has endless designs and colors. That is why we place this at the first rank of our list today.

bags for women uk

The next one of bags for women that you have to purchase for 2016 is day clutch bag. This bag is very useful when you do not want to carry to much stuff on your daily activities. This bag has no long cord or string like handbag. It is simpler and easier to carry up your important things like credit card or money. Moreover, they come with cute and handy designs. It is pretty easy to carry this small bag on your hand. You have a chance to make your casual activities handier with this kind of bag. Easy to grab and handy should be interested for fashionable women these days.

Last but not least, it is weekender bag. This kind of bags is not the same with the previous bags because it comes with larger but handful. The size is even the double of both bags earlier. Thus, it is preferable to carry much stuff like clothes. If you have ever gone to gym, you may see this kind of back. Your long travelling is also provided with this bag because it can carry much stuff inside such as air-plane under seat or luggage. So, what do you think about our bags for women today?

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Penn Ave Eyewear – Crazy easy and stylish

two weeks ago I told my neighbor that I haven’t had an eye exam since I was in middle school. She was pretty shocked and told me to schedule an appointment ASAP. Considering the fact that I’m a photographer, I thought that maybe I was a total fool for not doing this sooner than later – after all, my job relies a lot on my eyesight. Hey, maybe my vision is terrible and I just don’t know the difference… I thought. So I schedule an appointment and off I went.

Penn Ave Eyewear specs

I sat through a bunch of weird tests, with a weird doctor, only to be told… that I had 20/20 vision.

Good! I don’t need glasses.

Bad! I wanted a cute pair of glasses.

Move forward a few days and along comes Penn Avenue Eyewear! Hallelujah! Now I can rock a cute pair of spectacles, even if they are prescription-less. I initially assumed that I would have to go to their store (which, obviously I thought was on Penn Avenue) to pick out the perfect pair – but I was wrong! They operate solely over the ‘net and mail. Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Go to their website and select up to 5 pairs that you’d like to try on.

Step 2: They ship you sample pairs for FREE

Step 3: Try on and get friend’s opinions.

Step 4: Purchase your actual pair online, since you now know exactly what you want!

So, honestly, this was like the easiest process ever. It was super fun to get their box of glasses in the mail (quick!), and I got to ask my husband’s opinions without having to send him those weird photo texts from the store. And he tried a few on too just for laughs:)My neighbor (who initially insisted on my eye exam) also was over, and she provided the necessary input to pick out the winning pair. Slapped the return shipping label back on the box (included), and I was good to go! And I shopped in my lounge pants. Talk about a win.

Here they are actually on, including the style name.

Loved how big and nerdy these looked on..

They have some cool acetate frames, and I chose these ones because of the clear bottoms.

Definitely the runner up – these had the dark front-facing rims, with a fun blue color on the inside.

The winners! I loved that I got to try on multiple pairs, because then I could compare to see which were my favorite by going back and forth. Now, these come in tortoise (which I’m currently obsessed with) and an awesome blue acetate. Ah! Might have to get both…

Hottest Fall Accessories


Since accessories can often make or break an outfit, you should select those which complement what you’re wearing. Right now for Fall, there are a host of new accessories popping up that are simply awesome. What’s more, you can get most of these accessories on the cheap — great for budget-minded gals like me.

What are the hottest accessories this season?

Statement necklaces are very hot right now, and there are plenty of big, bold choices available. Try this jeweled multi-chain necklace from Forever21. A variety of dangling charms lend style to this bold accessory, and for less than $6, how can you go wrong?

For fall handbag choices, you literally have hundreds of options. In past seasons, there’s typically been a stand-out bag — the “it” bag of the season. This fall, there’s no one-size-fits all handbag trend. Instead, handbags are all about personalization and unique details. The gold tone accents on this Anya Hindmarch bag from Target offer simple sophistication and will only set you back $30.

Gloves are always a staple in chilly weather, but this season’s crop of hand-warmers are fun, frilly and offer unique details that make them one of the hottest accessories to sport this year. Try these gorgeous red leather gloves with patent stud detailing from JCPenney for $40.

Surprisingly enough, the fedora has made a huge comeback this season to give fashionistas everywhere a chance to explore their edgy hipster style. This adorable pinstripe fedora from Charlotte Russe offers a feminine, edgy take on menswear-inspired styles and looks great for fall.

While you shouldn’t feel pressured to follow every accessory trend this season, these pieces should serve as inspiration for you to make up your own personal style. These are the hottest things going right now, so mix and match to create a signature style that’s uniquely you!