Super Short Haircuts For Women with Plenty Styles and Easy Steps

If you think that super short haircuts for women will limit your style, you are incorrect obviously. Moreover, your knowledge about style is also very low. For your information, the super short haircuts have full of style if you know the styles. Of course, you cannot do a braid with short hair or a plump chignon. But, it does not mean short hair limits our styles for sure. If there are some styles removed, there will be some new and fresh hairstyles too for short haircuts.

Today, we will show you some super short haircuts especially for women who need a change for their long hair. Today, super short haircuts for women prefer to the femme fatale rather boyish styles. In other words, short haircut is not only for boyish or tomboy girls anymore and thanks to the development of fashion styles in this modern era. Today also offers many styles such as edgy, dye, Mohawk and many more as you can see. Moreover, some women are not afraid to shave their sides just like men do. Based on our experience, those kinds of short haircut are timeless. It cannot be gone in very soon moment. It is such good news for busy women who do not have much time to care their hair, right? If love to highlight your face or something around your head like cheekbones, eyes, nose, etc., those super short haircuts for women are yours. Super short haircuts have abilities in this segment.

When you want to expose your eyes, doing shavings on your sides and keeping the bangs like Mohawk are the best way for it. Your style is like a combination between punk and elegance women in one haircut. It should be your challenging too whether keeps in your safe zone or break away it to get better experience with different style. Coloring with two tones or more would be attractive whatsoever. Feel boyish will be more gained if you try to use their super short haircuts, right? We can do anything in this super-modern fashion including for short hair. For example, undercut fade and pompadour which are typically for men can be applicable on women’s head these days. This haircut brings full of texture on your head by the way. The attractive part is between your neck and the fade obviously. On its top, it is very easy to make the curls because of its certain-length. So, why do not you try one of our super short haircuts for women now?

Brown Purple Ombre Hair Inspirational Ideas for Women in 2016


Does this brown purple ombre hair look good? Yes it obviously does. This kind of hair is very unique and high class. Moreover, it is timeless. This is very good if you do not want to wash your hair every day. This is the most creative hair style with the most durable maintenance. In other words, it is the best way to improve your hair. It does not matter whether you just dye your hair with one-time durability or permanent purple color. These brown purple colors bring different personality on your head and boy obviously. Take a look on some examples of this hairstyle through our post.

The brown purple ombre hair is an extraordinary hair combination for women who need to pop out their styles. Regardless with the temporarily or permanent use, this hair color offers perfect suit for short or even long hair users. Purple is a hair color which is rarely chosen by modern women because of some reasons. They prefer to change their hair into blonde or fiery red. Meanwhile, purple is not only one stop choice if you know how sophisticated it is on brown base hair color. Yeah, purple and brown is amazing combination with ombre hair.

We cannot compare the brown purple ombre hair and blonde which one is the best. All of these hair colors are best in the women history so far. Men love to see women in blondes. It is because the purple ombre hair is seldom as the trend these days. We try to make up that purple or lavender hair colors are also elegant for modern women. Although this kind of hair color is preferred for girly girl, it does not mean that it cannot be applicable for adult women. It brings fresh and younger looks instead.

Overall, ombre hair with brown and purple choice cannot be underestimated. We live in the high-technology and modern world which means everything can be done just in a second including making your brown hair into purple plus ombre. Just do not unconfident with your current style or hair color because you can easily change it by yourself or beauty shop. Furthermore, this color combination is timeless. It means that you can apply it whenever you want without worrying it is trending or not. This color looks perfect if you use it as layers which usually found on the edge of the hair. The brown purple ombre hair is the best incorporated hair color in 2016.

Brown Blue Ombre Hair: 3 Things to Know for 2016 Styles

Experimenting brown blue ombre hair can be beneficial for you who need to reborn your style following 2016 style. For your information, this hair style and color will make your hair more attractive and has some volume later. In other words, it will increase the thin hair into fuller hair obviously. Luckily, we have some interesting tips if you want to have this brown and blue ombre hair in the future. You can consider how attractive your style with this style. Without further ado, let us go straight to the first thing to know before get ombre hair.

First of all, brown blue ombre hair should inspire you. It is important for you to get inspired first with this hairstyle. You can choose one of those photos which style that is appropriate with your face whether it is on long or short forms. If necessary, you printed or captured one of those photos and ask your hairstylist to do the same styles. So, you have to feel and measure what if my hair is like this brown blue ombre style before doing it. For your information, this blue ombre is popular since several years ago until 2016. It gives much contrast to your brown hair for sure.

The second thing that you have to know before coloring brown blue ombre hair knows the prices and costs. Consider how many bowls that you need in coloring your hair. Sometimes, unexpected costs will come suddenly and you need to pay extra cost to do it. For example, your dyed hair was growing. Of course, the growing edge of the hair will have no blue ombre. Your stylish has to make it blue obviously and it needs more costs than you expect before, right? This is only a small thing that you have to consider first.


Last but not least, doing ombre on your hair will give more damage than normal hair. This is the real fact about ombre hair including blue ombre in brown hair. It is about time to know whether your hair is damaged or not. If you knew this from the beginning, you may have no surprised later. Purchase some conditioner, shampoo and other hair treatments which will resist the damage of your hair. In the beginning, you did not notice it. This is once again back to the previous thing to know that you have to consider extra costs or prices before doing brown blue ombre hair.

Hair The Black Couleur Mauve Ideas and Everything You Need to Know

With hair the black couleur mauve, we start to find a new 2016 hair color trend now. This kind of hair color is popularized by some stars such as Katy Perry, Lily Allen and many more. The characteristics of this couleuer mauve are purple locks that look fabulous for any skin especially for dark women. Actually, it also works for medium skin tone by the way. Luckily, we have some pictures and photos for you about this black purple hair which will inspire you and move your body to your hairstylist to adapt some of those beautiful photos. After all, this color combo is very flattering for all ages.

Many women are afraid to try their hair the black couleur mauve because of several reasons. One of them is because they are not confident to use purple on their dark skin. For your information, purple and black are the most versatile colors especially for women. They support each other. In other words, the purple does not expose too much the dark color of skin unlike blonde or silver hair color. You can still be able to go to your office with such kinds of colors. Otherwise, it tones down your look and style obviously.

hair the black couleur mauve image

Bold is the character of hair the black couleur mauve. Although it is bold like red color, it does not contrary with the darker skin or hues. Violet or also called as dark purple can be your perfect combination with dark skin. If you are afraid to wear purple directly, you can choose the temporary hair dye firstly. When it comes perfectly with your styles, just go with the permanent one. We have to be grateful living in this modern era because everything is easier to be gained like temporary hair dye as just we said earlier.

That is all everything you need to know about couleur mauve for black or dark hues or skins. In this article, we have also provided some photos and pictures which you can apply on your own hair. If you are hesitant to wear it directly on your hair, just try the temporary hair color firstly. Purple is unlike blonde which relies on the skin of the users. Otherwise, it is very supportive with contrast color like dark, brown, etc.  Copy one of those styles of purple hair and you will get the results on your current styles or fashion. Do not worry because you won’t lose anything with hair the black couleur mauve.

Girl With Blue Eyes And Black Hair Makeup Tips and Everything You Need to Know

If you found a girl with blue eyes and black hair, you must be grateful because they are mostly rare and of course beautiful, right? Just see on these photos. Their beauty is very natural. It becomes the nature of women probably. Otherwise, this article is also useful if you have blue eyes and want to get proper style and look for yourself because we also talk about the best tips for you like makeup and hairstyles. Yeah, makeup and hairstyles cannot be separated for some women in this world. Without further ado, let us go straight to the topic below.

The girl with blue eyes and black hair is more enjoyable than you have blonde hair colors. This combination will make people say “OMG, I have never seen the blue eyes as bluest as you” later. Do not thank to us if you found this kind of statement in the future. With black hair, your blue eyes will be bluer than before obviously. It does not mean your eyes becoming bluer. But, the black hair will totally camouflage your blue into its focal point on your face. It gives dramatic appearance in public’s eyes for sure. This combo is the best for modern girl or women right now.

Girl With Blue Eyes And Black Hair usa

Now, we talk about the girl with blue eyes and black hair makeup a little bit. You have to know the basics first before going to make up your face and hair. The formula is on the eye shadow. In this case, you cannot just hide your beautiful blue eyes with standard makeup without focusing your eyes. So, the eye shadow should be the best compliment for your blue eyes. There are many kinds of color wheel such as triadic, analogous which you can use as your makeup. Copper may give sophisticated look for your face with the help of black color.

In conclusion, this kind of girls is rarely found because it is like a gift from god and we must be grateful if we have blue eyes and black hair. Many women want to be yours, girls. So, do not waste it carelessly because your beauty is very profitable in this modern era. Black hair is the most natural hair for women. It is such kind of the origin of women in the earth. For you who do not have these gifts, do not worry because you can make yourself like girl with blue eyes and black hair for sure these days.

Chestnut Brown Hair Color Chart as Your New Color Hair


chestnut brown hair color chart 2016

Many women do not take a look on chestnut brown hair color chart. Otherwise, this solid color shows the true color of their hair. Yeah, brown color is the natural color hair for women these days. The natural shades of women can be explained by brown color very well. Moreover, some women agree that wearing brown color or being brunettes give them more confidence with their natural beauty. For your information, chestnut brown hair creates great vibrant hues and attractive combination with sun light. So, do not waste much time. Prepare your beautiful hair and color with chestnut brown color.

The brunettes start from milk chocolates to chestnut brown hair color chart now. In other words, there are many variants of brown color these days, not only the single or original brown. It gives timeless beauty for modern women either. By using brown hair, we can expose our casual fashion and style and be good choice as our new look to public. There many brown colors as your options. Just see the hart and choose what brown you love. Chestnut brown offers medium range of brown. It is not too dark, but also not too light. It is very suitable in any season.

There are some benefits after looking your chestnut brown color hair chart. This color is very solid. It brings balance and that is why it is categorized as medium brown. It can be the lighter version of original brown. It can also be the darker version of blonde. So, we are in the middle here. You may notice the color easily because it reminds us about the color of chestnuts and that is why this color is named as chestnut brown. Moreover, you can combine it with lighter brown like caramel, milk chocolate and others. It offers good highlights for your hair obviously. The key point is how you combine the lowlights and highlights. In this case, the chestnut brown hair color chart is our base color.

With brown hair color, we can create unlimited hair colors. In other words, we have endless options of colors. To maintain this hair, you do not need extra efforts like blonde or other popular colors. Remember that this is the natural color of women. Furthermore, every style matches with brown hair color mostly. So, you do not have to worry with your hairstyle at the moment.  Just use conditioner and shampoo to extend the durability of your chestnut brown hair color chart.

Red Ombre Hair Variations that You Can Apply in 2016

If you are in the edge of way and red ombre hair is the only thing you can do, just face it and let us to help you in varying your red hair with many styles for 2016. Yeah, this hair color is suitable for you who need attractive appearance on your office, house or wherever you want. In other words, red  and ombre hair is the most unique hair color in 2016. With our help, you can create this red ombre more personal with your profile. You cannot just apply it because everyone is going to use this hair right now and we need special red ombre for sure. Take a tour in our photo section later.

Because of red ombre hair suits with every one, you have to make it more different and staying in its uniqueness as ombre hair. For example, you can combine this red color with blunt cut. Blunt cut is the best way to define the red and ombre at one hair style. Make sure the red on the top and the caramel on the edges. The point of ombre is giving lighter color at the edges of your hair. Many women have misunderstood with ombre hair in this modern day. So, blunt cut and red ombre color? Why not?

red ombre hair short

Another best variant for red ombre hair is by using choppy haircut. You can straighten your bangs and the entire hair with this hair color obviously. For the second tone, we prefer to use blonde highlights on your edges or golden blonde. However, this variation can be more girly if you do not like looked younger or chick. Whatever your choice, just remember the red tone combination. It will be bad if you combine with brown, black and other dark colors. It works best with caramel, blonde, silver or even white.

Bob is our last variation for red hair and ombre color. Using short hair does not mean you cannot show up the ombre on your hair. Otherwise, it brings out-of-the-box hair style especially if you have curly hair. The curls treat the ombre as the perfect highlight from a distance. We believe people will be attracted with your bob and red hair on the street or stores. This year requires more than unique style, but it needs super-unique and out-of-the-box appearances. Moreover, getting people attention is the most target for modern women these days. Do not be afraid to mix and match your red ombre hair.

Hair Color Chart for Black Women And Everything That You Have To Know

Trends do not look for specific human these days that is why hair color chart for black women now exists as modern trends. Women can express their self by using hair color for sure today. They use it as the tool to encourage the trends and hide their imperfections with colors. This is not a bad idea obviously. We can do everything to follow the newest fashion style including coloring our hair. Moreover, hair coloring is also best way to prevent hair damage. As a result, women need to know the basic rules in hair coloring process, right?

Before choosing one of the favorite colors on hair color chart for black women, we need to consider the types of the hair color firstly. Although most of them are safe, a few of hair colors is just for ethnic hair only. It ranges from temporary colors until permanent colors. Each of them has different level of rinse or cleaning where the permanent one should be applied by the professional. The more significant color on our hair, it gives better durability in the future. If you think that you just apply the color for an event, it would be better if you use color rinses.


After getting the type, you cannot directly choose based on hair color chart for black women. We have to understand the brands. There are many popular brands especially for African American hair which is more natural and textured. Dark or natural hair like black women’s hair sometime requires extra treatment like bleaching. This is important when the user is giving drastic color change. It usually starts from black into blonde. The process of coloring also damages the hair. That is why it is better if it has done by professional. There is also a suggestion if you have ethnical hair which cannot take lightened more than 5-level of coloring because it is very damaging process.

Thus, we have some color recommendations for black women hair. Copper is one of the best examples for you. You will get earthy color on your hair obviously. This is better than you choose fiery red on your hair. Another example is gold highlights. That is more elegant rather than blonde somehow. Your hair is like honey. Moreover, it has light element for your hair. Last but not least, red color suits for winter and fall seasons. The shades are very rich deep for sure. Just take a look on this hair color chart for black women.


Blonde Hair Color Chart Tips for You who Want to Dye Your Hair

This blonde hair color chart may help you to decide which blonde that applicable for your hair. For your information, this chart provides blonde’s colors ranging from light into dark blondes. It is such a perfect transformation from light into dark of blonde, right? You can figure out what kind of blonde which is suitable for your skin tone obviously. Do not be surprised with the glamorous hair color ever in this world. The popularity of blonde is never faded time to time. You may always use this blonde until your old time in the future. Check out them below.

Before you start to read our blonde hair color chart, it is best for you to know some tips of wearing blonde colors generally. Skin tone is the most crucial factor when you are wearing blonde. For your information, it does not matter whether you have medium or dark skin by the way. As long as you are able to choose the suitable one, the blonde will never go too far from your fashion. For example, you have fair skin tone. In this case, you may choose light blonde hair color instead of the darker one. But, you will contrast your skin if you have darker skin tone.

Blonde Hair Color Chart 2016

Another consideration before choosing one color in this blonde hair color chart is eye color. Women usually make a mistake when they choose blonde because they did not fit it with their eye color before. For your information, darker color of eyes likes black or brown matches with blonde hues. Meanwhile, other colors like blue or green may be best with blonde shades. That is the formula which you have to decide when you are dealing with your eye color. It may be a little thing, but it gives big impact for your styles obviously.

Some people believe that we can break any rules when use a blonde color at our hair. It seems ridiculous to avoid knowing some basic rules about blonde. You may be able to do-it-yourself in applying blonde color, but the best way is by consulting with your hairstylist firstly. Of course, they are experts to dye your hair instead of DIY things. In other words, do not hope best result if you dye your hair by yourself. So, what is the function of this chart? It helps you to choose what you really want and take it to the salon. Let them dye your hair with professional stuff and perfect result as same as this blonde hair color chart.


Keeps Your Hair in Place


Keeps Your Hair in Place

I was excited — the barrettes is dotted with a plastic or rubber that is supposed to keep the barrettes in place. I stretched the barrettes and it was flexible, but still kept it’s tight shape. Things were starting to look up for me.

The barrettes is thin and will give any hairstyle an updated, modern look. You can wear it when you work out or when you’re cruising the grocery aisle. I put the barrettes on and loved what I saw. Where have you been all my life, I thought to myself. The band was tight against my head. I played with the kids and played with the dogs — it was still in place. I found the answer for my messy nest of hair. Or so I thought.

I should have played with the kids and dogs for more than a minute. Twenty minutes after putting the band on, it started migrating towards the back of my head. The problem wasn’t that it was too loose — it was simply too tight against my head. Even with the dots of rubber that flank the band, it still moved. I can’t

even get through 15 minutes wearing it because it’s so uncomfortable. I am dejected. As I rolled out of bed this morning, I pulled my hair back into the same messy bun. The kids, however, found the barrettess to be very entertaining and useful. My son uses it as a slingshot as he slings small toys at his army of evil robots. My daughter puts it on her head and uses it as a sweatband. She runs in place, laughing as I smile because she reminds me Olivia Newton John on the Physical album. Well, at least the barrettess weren’t a total waste.