The Secret to Long Lasting Lip Color


Having trouble getting your lipstick to stay put? If you constantly need to reapply lip color throughout the day or find that your lipstick “bleeds” outside your lip line, there are ways to combat these problems and look beautifully made up all day.

In order to have long lasting lip color, follow these tips for beautiful lips with little or no need for touch ups:
Step 1: Set ‘em Up

In order to achieve long lasting lip color, you need to prep your lips first. For staying power, apply a very thin layer of foundation on your lips. It sounds weird, but trust me — it works. You probably want to stick with matte lipsticks, as well. Creamy and/or glossy shades don’t have the same staying power as other lipsticks, even if you prep your pout first.
Step 2: Line ‘em Up

Before you even apply lipstick, line your lips with a lip pencil that coordinates well with the lip color you’ve chosen. It doesn’t have to be completely matchy-matchy, but it does need to blend well with your lipstick. Lining your lips before applying color helps ensure maximum staying power, and also prevents lipstick from bleeding past the edges of your lips.
Step 3: Fill ‘em In

Long Lasting Lip Color

Fill in your lips with the lipstick you chose. I recommend using a lip brush for better application, but you can apply color whichever way works for you. Smooth lips together to evenly distribute color. Afterward, apply a very light dusting of translucent powder to set the color. Don’t worry about the powder sticking to your lips; if any flecks remain, lightly remove with a Q-tip or makeup brush.

These three steps can help your lip color stay put, and will help you avoid a lot of touch ups during the day. Some of these tips may seem a little strange, but I swear by them to make my lipstick last all day long.

What are your secrets to getting lipstick to stay put? Do you follow a different pattern than I do? Tell me about your routine in the comments.