Fashion Stylist Professional Headshots

Professional styled headshot photographer usa This client owns and operates her own amazing business, but really needed a style that had all of the following: 1. Daytime appropriate 2. Casual 3. Put-together 4. Modern 5. Fresh 6. Creative As a creative professional, we are often working alone, which can lead to the good ‘ol reliance on jeans and t-shirts! Let’s see how this Professional Styled Headshot session played out! before and after styling session usa Where could we improve before? First – jeans.

Jeans are great, but this wash of jeans was overly casual, and wouldn’t work for a client meeting. The shirt, as well, was a step in the right direction initially, but just didn’t hit the nail on the head. The yellow color made her look more washed-out, and the fit was not accentuating her amazing figure. We chose a more beautiful color for her skin tone (shades of blue), and accentuated her waist with an absolutely adorable bow belt. The belt, while whimsical, is still leather and metal – which ensures that it looks high-end and classic at the same time. professional stylist usa The pants, while still casual, were changed to a dark blue corduroy.

Corduroy is a great option, as long as it fits closely to your leg. The boots were a big change from her flip flips, and added a touch that not only combined with her belt, but also allows her to go to client meetings, grocery shop, and walk around downtown usa easily. usa style consultant When considering jewelry, I encourage my clients to look for pieces with lots of different colors! This might be counter-intuitive, but it allows you to invest in a few pieces that can be worn with lots of different outfits!

Beware! Your make-up products


Foundation (water-based) – It’s done after 1 year.

Foundation (oil-based) – Keep it only up to 18 months.

Lipgloss – Can last 18-24 months.

Lipstick – Will last 1-2 years. If it smells funny or does not glide on your lips smoothly, throw it away. Store your lipstick in the refrigerator to make it last longer. Lipstick can harbor a lot of bacteria and germs because of the way it is applied.

Lip Liner – Is old after 2 years.

Make-up Brushes – Wash at least every month to sustain the bristles’ life. I like to use brush cleaners like Sephora’s Daily Brush Cleaner after every use. Merely spritz this cleaner on your brushes and you’ve applied a quick anti-bacterial spray. For monthly or weekly cleanings, use Sephora’s Brush Shampoo, which easily removes make-up residue.

make-up products tips

Make-up Sponges – Due to the material, make-up sponges should be tossed out after 1 month. Wash your sponges every week and air dry.

Mascara – 3 months tops! When using the mascara wand, don’t pump it up and down – you’ll let a lot of air in the mascara tube and germs and bacteria will want to live and populate there. Also, NEVER share your mascara with anyone. It’s easy to pass germs and contract a case of pink eye. Yuck!

Nail Polish – 1 year. Nail polish should never look like sludge or go on like cement.

Powder – 2 years. Sometimes, when powder goes bad, it smells funny and it’s difficult for you to apply it easily.

Always make a notation of the purchase date on your cosmetics. I use a Sharpie pen or stick a little paper with the purchase date on it with tape. If your make-up no longer performs the way it used to, or if it smells funny, throw it out immediately. Who knows what rancid little germs are creeping through your make-up?

Makeup You Must Haves!

I’m a wedding photographer in Pittsburgh, which means I see a lot of beauty routines and makeup artists on a weekly basis. I see bridal beauty, fashion line beauty, and women who make me wonder if a professional lives in their spare bedroom.

I’ve even goe so far as to hire one of my makeup artist friends to teach me how to look like Kim Kardashian, but, honestly, I’m no professional. I do think that I’ve learned a lot over these past few years, and have started to rely on my go to makeup must-haves. What’s in my makeup bag? Here are some products that I have found are consistent and wonderful!

1: Smashbox Lip Glosses: I love them in “Illume” and “Fame”

2. Smashbox CC Cream: Still lightweight, but nice coverage for these summer months.

3. Sephora Perfectionist Makeup Sponge: Just lightly wet the sponge, and use to apply your foundation. Works like a charm, and it’s so smooth

4. Too Faceed Bronzer: I use this bronzer for a little bit of a “sunkissed” summery look. I actually don’t even use a regular blush most of the time.

5. Too Faced Primed and Poreless Powder: By far my favorite powder ever. So light, breezy, and covering. Love love love.

6. Yves Saint Laurent Cream Eyeliner: Used with a tiny brush, it’s actually rather easy to apply. I use it on my top line and water line, and blend into my shadow or wear alone.

7. Tweezerman Stainless Steel Mini Tweezers: Throw into your purse! Enough said.

8. Urban Decay Eyeshadow: The best eyeshadows out there. I love the “Smog” color against brown eyes. It’s the perfect effortlessly smoky look.

9. Benefit “They’re Real!” Mascara: I’ve been asked numerous times by friends if my eyelashes were extensions. Nope – just this mascara!

You Should Know These Beauty Product For A Summer


Vivid Nails

Your digits will love the beachy, mermaid-esque shades in the new Sephora by OPI nail color collection. I am especially fond of Mermaid to Order (a deep green/blue shade) and Lagoon-a Beach (shimmery pale blue) which are definitely the perfect shades for summer.

($9, Sephora)
Bronze Goddess

Perfect for fair skin, Organic Wear’s Bronzer offers just a touch of sun-kissed color without looking orangey or fake. Swipe a bit wherever the sun naturally hits your face for a gorgeous glow that looks oh-so-chic. What’s more, it’s hypoallergenic and fragrance- and chemical-free.

Beauty Product For A Summer

($13.99, Drugstores)
Get Glowing

Obtain a natural looking rosy flush when you use Benefit’s Posietint. This ingenious stain offers a transparent hint of color on both cheeks and lips — you’ll be the prettiest girl poolside! For a deeper flush of color, layer two applications on each cheek.

($28, Department stores)
Lather Up

Even if you can’t escape to an Island hideaway, you can at least pretend with Suave Naturals Refreshing Body Wash in Ocean Breeze. Mineral extracts and Vitamin E combine to form a moisturizing wash that lathers well and has the clean, refreshing scent of an ocean paradise. For the price, you can’t go wrong!

($3.49, Drugstores)
Replenished Skin

After a long day in the sand and sun, your skin could use a little replenishment! Try Clinique After Sun Rescue Balm with Aloe, which moisturizes and refreshes parched skin. The balm can help reduce peeling and irritation. Stick it in the fridge for an icy-cold, calming, post-sun rubdown.

($20, Sephora)

Ladies, clear out your beauty bag and hit the road (or the web!) to stock up on these great essentials that are an absolute must-have for summer. From a flawless face to gorgeous hair and everything in between, these products are guaranteed to become a staple of your summer beauty routine!

You Should Know These Beauty Product For A Summer

Super Short Haircuts For Women with Plenty Styles and Easy Steps

If you think that super short haircuts for women will limit your style, you are incorrect obviously. Moreover, your knowledge about style is also very low. For your information, the super short haircuts have full of style if you know the styles. Of course, you cannot do a braid with short hair or a plump chignon. But, it does not mean short hair limits our styles for sure. If there are some styles removed, there will be some new and fresh hairstyles too for short haircuts.

Today, we will show you some super short haircuts especially for women who need a change for their long hair. Today, super short haircuts for women prefer to the femme fatale rather boyish styles. In other words, short haircut is not only for boyish or tomboy girls anymore and thanks to the development of fashion styles in this modern era. Today also offers many styles such as edgy, dye, Mohawk and many more as you can see. Moreover, some women are not afraid to shave their sides just like men do. Based on our experience, those kinds of short haircut are timeless. It cannot be gone in very soon moment. It is such good news for busy women who do not have much time to care their hair, right? If love to highlight your face or something around your head like cheekbones, eyes, nose, etc., those super short haircuts for women are yours. Super short haircuts have abilities in this segment.

When you want to expose your eyes, doing shavings on your sides and keeping the bangs like Mohawk are the best way for it. Your style is like a combination between punk and elegance women in one haircut. It should be your challenging too whether keeps in your safe zone or break away it to get better experience with different style. Coloring with two tones or more would be attractive whatsoever. Feel boyish will be more gained if you try to use their super short haircuts, right? We can do anything in this super-modern fashion including for short hair. For example, undercut fade and pompadour which are typically for men can be applicable on women’s head these days. This haircut brings full of texture on your head by the way. The attractive part is between your neck and the fade obviously. On its top, it is very easy to make the curls because of its certain-length. So, why do not you try one of our super short haircuts for women now?

Aveeno Lip Protectant Intense Relief Medicated


Aveeno Lip Protectant Intense Relief Medicated – I’m one of those women who cannot leave the house without a tube of lip balm in her purse. Because I’m constantly losing them as well, I periodically have to replenish my stock. Usually, I like to try something new and I was very excited to try Aveeno’s Intense Relief Medicated Therapy balm.

Since I’m also a sucker for natural (or close to natural) beauty products, I had high hopes for Aveeno’s lip balm, which contains a blend of jojoba oil, shea butter, and oatmeal for super moisturization.

One application of this balm and I was hooked. My lips instantly looked and felt moisturized, and it even left a subtle shine on my lips like lip gloss would, but with the added benefit of being non-sticky and soothing.

Aveeno Lip Protectant Intense

My lips tend to get really dry during the winter months, and they can often crack and become painful. This lip balm started working the minute I applied it, and after the first week you couldn’t even tell I’d had chapped lips! I was amazed — how could I have remained ignorant of this product for so long?

What’s more, the cooling tingle of the menthol isn’t overpowering, and it doesn’t taste like you swallowed a tube of toothpaste like some medicated balms. However, it does have a tendency to melt, so I like to keep a tube in the refrigerator before I take it anywhere to ensure it remains cold — so far, that’s done the trick!

Bottom line? If you suffer from severely dry, chapped lips, then you should definitely try this medicated lip balm from Aveeno. Unfortunately, the product isn’t available in stores anymore, but you can order it online from for $3.69. It’s a little more expensive than some other balms, but trust me — the price is well worth it!

What Amount of Sleep is Right for You

All my life I have listened to medical experts who said that eight hours is correct amount of sleep for human beings. I often wondered how a concrete number like that could be automatically prescribed for everyone on earth, considering that every person is different and each of our bodies has a different requirement for any number of things that nourish and help us. Nonetheless, I always assumed that the experts must know what they’re talking about, and so I got my eight hours like a good girl.

Over time, however, I noticed that eight hours wasn’t really rejuvenating me anymore. I found it difficult to get up in the morning, and nearly impossible to stay fully alert during the day. Thinking that I must not be getting enough sleep, I made my bed time earlier, and started getting even more rest than I already had been. Much to my surprise, this made the situation worse. I was even more groggy than normal, and getting out of bed in the morning became an exercise akin to pulling teeth. Clearly something was not right. I was pretty sure I wasn’t ill, so obviously something was still wrong with my sleeping schedule.

It wasn’t until I had an unexpected period of being extra busy that I discovered something both interesting and counter-intuitive. I had so much to do and so little time in which to do it, that my daytime activities started cutting into my sleep time. I was worried about this, dreading the inevitable exhaustion, but as it turned out, becoming even more tired was not at all that happened. When I reduced my nightly amount of sleep to six hours, suddenly I started feeling much better. The change was almost immediate, and it was undeniable. At the end of the first week, I couldn’t believe how much more energetic I was, both in the morning and later in the day.

Business Casual Dress For Women In USA Tips and Tricks with Pictures


Getting business casual dress for women in USA is one of the best profitable businesses these days. Women love to style their looks and appearances. Moreover, every year comes new trend that should be followed by them either. In this special occasion, we want to give you a guide about how to develop casual dress business especially for women. There are some tips and tricks to make your casual dress business being success especially in USA which has many fashion women and girls in this modern era. Let us check them one by one below.

Keep it simple is the best method to conduct business casual dress for women in USA. You have to give as simplest as you can the designs and trends of your casual dresses product for your customers, in this case women. Women have many thought especially in choosing their casual dresses. Of course, giving complex designs or products of casual dresses will make them confuse while deciding their choice at your store or business. Avoid this problem by offering plain dress or something happening right now in simple fashions and styles. For example is dark jacket that can be the layer of women casual dress obviously. Moreover, plain white blouse is also the example of simple design so far.

The next tip and trick of business casual dress for women in USA is by knowing the current trends especially for casual dresses. For your information, not all casual clothing will be worn for going to office. Re-stock some stuff like dark skirts and jeans with the dresses could be a good idea for your casual dress business. You need to know the basic styles for casual dresses such as dark colors. These kinds of colors are best for jackets and pants. Meanwhile, the dresses, shirts and others are best with interesting and attractive colors. Do not forget to add some shoes or footwear in increasing your business capabilities. So, women just go to your shop and they get everything.

There are some things that you have to avoid in your casual dress business such as small quantities of a product. Women will get bad impression when seeing your product like this. Do not too much bright color and unnatural designs for your casual dress products. It will also reduce positive impressions for your customers. Keep cleaning your shop to give better impressions for the customers. Chewing gum under the table or chair will kill their good impression for your business casual dress for women in USA.

Hot Hats for the Holidays


This holiday season, keep your head warm with one of these stylish hats. You’ll beat the cold, rain, and snow in these hats while looking fashionable at the same time — what could get better than that?

Cuddle up next to the fireplace or hit the ski slopes in this sherpa earflap hat from Everest Designs. Complete with a festive snowflake pattern, this hat can help you beat the chill this holiday season with a combination of fleece and wool. The braided tassels make a cute addition to an already stellar hat. ($27)

You’ll never have to worry about the winter chill again in this stylish beret from The Village Hat Shop. Inspired by a design from the Christian Dior collection, this beret is studded with metal grommets on one-half for a funky (but cool) look. ($28.95)

Hot Hats for the Holidays 2016

Don this tweed cap from Hats in the Belfry for a rockin’ look this winter and beyond. Gray tweed combine with an elastic sweatband, printed lining, and a coconut shell buckle for a hat that’s fashionable and functional. This would go great with all of your winter ensembles! ($38)

If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors this holiday season, you’ll love this knit beanie from CampMor. Crocheted from acrylic yarns and reversible (who doesn’t like multi-tasking fashion?), this beanie will keep away the cold. Available in three colors. ($19.99)

I hoard jewelry. Like CRAZY. I love it so much, and a lot of times I simply cannot stop myself from buying “just one more piece” to add to my collection. The funny part of it? Often times I end up wearing the same staple pieces! It’s often between what sparkles best, and what matches everything – and Sabika does just that.

The lovely ladies at Sabika recently sent me this gorgeous pair of studs (and studs are a MUST!) from the new Spring/Summer Collection, and I’m in love! All of the Sabika jewelry has a wonderful sparkle thanks to the Austrian crystal, and the colors go with so many things. Some of my girlfriends are also fans of the brand, and anytime they wear their Sabika I always compliment them on it – only to realize that I must do that EVERY time we see each other.

What’s great about the Spring/Summer collection? I love the mix of modern and old-world sophistication, and the color palettes are just phenomenal. They have some great stones with a slightly “smoky” haze to them, and they’re my favorites. Just so unique. My favorite collection is called “Impressionists”, because it mixes a dark red stone with a beautiful turquoise. What a great color combo!

The Spring/Summer Collection isn’t yet listed on the website, but will be soon. Get in touch with your local Sabika girl to order! And in the meantime, the Fall/Winter collection is on sale – just sayin’!:)Enjoy!

Cute Clothes Tumblr Photography Trendsetter for 2016 Fashion Styles

Cute Clothes Tumblr Photography Trendsetter

Finding cute clothes tumblr photography is not a difficult way these days. People can get many ideas and inspiration through this site obviously. Cute clothes can be gained by our commonly outfit too. We believe that everyone has their own tips and tricks to be cute and suitable with their body. The point is that everything needs little trick to make them comfortable and cute, right? So, here we are with bunches of photos and pictures to be cute in tumblr. Keep in your mind that you should never be afraid to try something new. Those girls have proven these words by the way.

Cute clothes tumblr photography is quite popular nowadays following the existence of social media. Cute clothes mean some clothes that expose cuteness of its wearers or users. As we said earlier, it needs a little trick to make our outfit cute. You can even do that with your jeans and top. With a suitable pair of boots, you will make your day and attract people to see how cute your style is on tumblr. Let us take an example about how to wear jean jacket. With some accessories like belt, you can make this jacket as your silhouette. As you can see, it is a lot easier, right?

You can also pair the jean jacket with pinky skirt. It would be cute clothes tumblr photography for sure. Those kinds of combination bring you into maximum cuteness for sure. With a right and suitable accessories, cute clothes are yours whatever the styles. So, we can infer that the role of accessories as outfit’s compliment is important here. Another example is using scarf. There are many ways to wear your scarf and the techniques are very simple to follow. You can wear it like bandit style, French girl and many more which appropriate with your base clothes.

To be cute is easier to be gained by wearing cute clothes. Cute is a part of femininity of girls and even women. It is sticky with us as fashionable people in the world. By seeing this photography, you may find your own definition of cuteness. We do not want to limit or restrict in only one cute style, but also all cuteness that we found in tumblr. You are free to follow only one or all of them obviously. This is how it works. How tumblr works as the trendsetter of fashion in the world. Feel all cute clothes tumblr photography today.