Design Ideas for Dresses Drawing Easy Steps for Beginner Illustrators

design ideas for dresses drawing tutorial

After getting knowledge about how to draw, this is your next time to get design ideas for dresses drawing. We treat you that have your own model and we do not want to talk about it in this post. Now, we are talking about the most important part of the sketches. Yes, we talk about the clothes. It is the right time to modify your model with some fresh designs and your own creativity. Do not worry because we will guide to decide some design ideas right here, right now. Grab some poses and models of yours and let us give them new clothes that you have.

For the first step of this design ideas for dresses drawing, just draw a light and adorable blouse on the upper body of your model. Blouse is the easiest example for beginner designers to be their first design in developing ideas and creativities. Then, you can add high-waisted shorts as the lower body outfit of your model. From this base or foundation, you can clearly know what to do next. Make some creases or folded parts on the arms or waists in order to make it more real. In this step, you have to make the details properly in order to give logical movement of the clothes.

design ideas for dresses drawing sketch

Unlike other designs, design ideas for dresses drawing do not focus in making of shorts or pants. Mostly, the dress uses skirts whether mini-skirt or long-skirt. Therefore, you do not have to wear shorts onto your model. Do not worry to get failure because you just erase it by using eraser. Now, you have to consider the fabric of your dress. Erase the unnecessary part of your model’s body. It is important to remove or deselect the part of body of your model because it will be used for the clothes’ design obviously.

The last thing to do is by detailing your design ideas. Of course, this is not an easy for beginner designers obviously. But, you can learn from your failure too. Practice makes you experts. This is the best motivation for you who cannot convert your ideas onto your sketches. The details are the most concerned things that should be developed first because it defines your designs or sketches. It makes you different with other illustrators of fashion, right? We have to do more practices to draw our best creativity and ideas. Without practices, we are nothing as illustrators. We think this is the end of this design ideas for dresses drawing today.

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