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There has been no compensation from Exhale Spa or Tropicana or any incentive to be persuaded to write a positive review. This is my honest opinion

I got to try a core fusion workout and let me tell you, it was tough! Using my limited familiarity with workout terminology, I’d say core fusion combines yoga with calisthenics for a full body strength building workout. The experts say core fusion is a combination of yoga, core conditioning, Pilates, and the “Lotte Berk Method” to be exact.

Exhale Spa - Core Fusion

In Chicago, Tropicana provided a group of writers the opportunity to work out with instructor Nicole Romano Uribarri of Exhale Spa. She gave us the basic core fusion workout, leaving out the weight lifting aspect that advanced users implement to get even more results. The exercises consisted of using many yoga poses and then amping up the difficulty level by adding squats, lifts, push-ups, etc. all while maintaining the stance of the pose. As you can imagine that builds up intensity and your muscles sure let you know. I found myself shaking, but as everyone reminded me, that’s a good thing. That means you’re doing it right and gaining strength.

Over the course of an hour we did a full body workout. Each area of the body was focused on, targeting the group of muscles and working them to their limit (legs, arms, abs, etc.). The good thing about this workout is that just like yoga, even as you advance in your strength and ability within the positions you can still go further since each exercise is individualized. As you gain strength you work further into the pose, and with core fusion it’s the same idea, not only do you work further into the pose but you work more aggressively in the movements

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