Fashion Jewellery Designs with Price Rules for Stylish Women


Here are some fashion jewellery designs with price that you have to adapt for your stylish and fashionable looks. We also put some rules within them that you can follow to be more stylish than before in wearing jewelry. Wearing jewelry gives positive aura for women who are wearing them. It enhances your appearance just in time. Women and jewelry are connected and integrated each other. Women without jewelry are like missing something at their body, right? This is the right statement so far. The beauty comes immediately when you have these rules in wearing jewelry.

The first rule for fashion jewellery designs with price is keeping your hand and neck not over-crowded. Yes, it refers to the quantities of your jewelry that you are wearing now. Crowded jewelry will make your hands or neck looking bad. Moreover, it resists your free-movement somehow. The rule is like this. Please do not wear bracelets and rings at once or together. It will make your hands full of them instead. People just attracted to your jewelry not on you anymore. Moreover, you have to know how to wear layered chain necklaces. It looks much sparkle on your body at the same time if you wore too many necklaces like these. If you consider wearing long necklace, please do not use belt at the same too.

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Making simple fashion jewellery designs with price is also the next rule of this guide. When you want to expose your big accessories, please do not wear complicated clothes like layers, mantle or jackets. Just a simple dress will be looking good if you have big necklaces. Moreover, plain colors like red or black should accentuate your jewelry for sure. The point of this simple rule is on the mixing the colors. White jeans should be paired with black short tops. This can be good for you to show off your layered chain necklace without other embellishment of course.

Lastly, we focus on your earrings. Since earrings are your jewelry because you are able to expose them on your head, it is important for you to let them exposed very well. Although when you cannot expose them, please use earrings too because you do not predict whether they will be exposed or not during your activities in front of everyone. The rule is to choose the earrings that will frame your face shape. Keep detailing the length and color. It gives so much better look than you just wear earrings carelessly for fashion jewellery designs with price rules today.

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