Fashion Stylist Professional Headshots

Fashion Stylist Professional Headshots

Professional styled headshot photographer usa This client owns and operates her own amazing business, but really needed a style that had all of the following: 1. Daytime appropriate 2. Casual 3. Put-together 4. Modern 5. Fresh 6. Creative As a creative professional, we are often working alone, which can lead to the good ‘ol reliance on jeans and t-shirts! Let’s see how this Professional Styled Headshot session played out! before and after styling session usa Where could we improve before? First – jeans.

Jeans are great, but this wash of jeans was overly casual, and wouldn’t work for a client meeting. The shirt, as well, was a step in the right direction initially, but just didn’t hit the nail on the head. The yellow color made her look more washed-out, and the fit was not accentuating her amazing figure. We chose a more beautiful color for her skin tone (shades of blue), and accentuated her waist with an absolutely adorable bow belt. The belt, while whimsical, is still leather and metal – which ensures that it looks high-end and classic at the same time. professional stylist usa The pants, while still casual, were changed to a dark blue corduroy.

Corduroy is a great option, as long as it fits closely to your leg. The boots were a big change from her flip flips, and added a touch that not only combined with her belt, but also allows her to go to client meetings, grocery shop, and walk around downtown usa easily. usa style consultant When considering jewelry, I encourage my clients to look for pieces with lots of different colors! This might be counter-intuitive, but it allows you to invest in a few pieces that can be worn with lots of different outfits!

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