Goody StayPut Hold Headwrap



Goody StayPut Hold Headwrap

Since I have long hair, I’m always trying to find different way to get my hair out of my face. Even when I pull it back into a messy bun or braid it, I still find strands framing my face when I don’t want them there. I am always armed with bobby pins and hair elastics — you’ll find these items littered around my bedroom, purse, and office. I try not to use too many hair products during the week, opting for hair spray and styling gel only when I’m going out to dinner or some other special occasion.

I love headbands because you can give the illusion of a trendy hairstyle when you’re actually having the worst bad hair day ever. I have tried a few dozen different head bands in the past year alone. None of them have worked. Plastic headbands don’t seem to fit my head properly and are so tight, especially around the ear area, that I can’t wear them for more than half an hour. I’ve tried a few plastic headbands with teeth that were more a torture device than a way to keep the band in place. I see women wearing these all the time — am I the only one whose threshold for pain is pretty low? How do these women do it? Are they just working through the pain in the name of fashion? Fabric headbands are pointless. When I put these headbands on they tend to slide off my hair, even after I’ve adjusted them to fit my head properly.

I need something that is going to stay in place and not move all over my head so that I have to keep adjusting it every few minutes.

I bought Goody StayPut Hold Headwrap in hopes that I could keep hair out of my face and finally find a headband that stayed where I wanted it to.

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