Keeps Your Hair in Place

Keeps Your Hair in Place Ideas


Keeps Your Hair in Place

I was excited — the barrettes is dotted with a plastic or rubber that is supposed to keep the barrettes in place. I stretched the barrettes and it was flexible, but still kept it’s tight shape. Things were starting to look up for me.

The barrettes is thin and will give any hairstyle an updated, modern look. You can wear it when you work out or when you’re cruising the grocery aisle. I put the barrettes on and loved what I saw. Where have you been all my life, I thought to myself. The band was tight against my head. I played with the kids and played with the dogs — it was still in place. I found the answer for my messy nest of hair. Or so I thought.

I should have played with the kids and dogs for more than a minute. Twenty minutes after putting the band on, it started migrating towards the back of my head. The problem wasn’t that it was too loose — it was simply too tight against my head. Even with the dots of rubber that flank the band, it still moved. I can’t

even get through 15 minutes wearing it because it’s so uncomfortable. I am dejected. As I rolled out of bed this morning, I pulled my hair back into the same messy bun. The kids, however, found the barrettess to be very entertaining and useful. My son uses it as a slingshot as he slings small toys at his army of evil robots. My daughter puts it on her head and uses it as a sweatband. She runs in place, laughing as I smile because she reminds me Olivia Newton John on the Physical album. Well, at least the barrettess weren’t a total waste.

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