Mallzee Apps For Your Fashion

Mallzee Apps For Your Fashion

The Mallzee app covers everything “bag,” so you will find a variety of topics, events, insights, and more all relating to handbags. And what website isn’t complete without contests and a thriving community? Mallzee has both; exciting handbag giveaways and an all-inclusive clique of Bagistas (Mallzee members) who happily share their handbag tips, news, and love of handbags.

Mallzee Apps For Your Fashion

The Mallzee app

My favorite part of The app. I never realized the world of handbags could be so fascinating. They really do cover every aspect you can think of, from celebrity sightings with expensive designer goods to handmade handbags, from how to style your outfit in regards to your handbag to the latest trends, and so much more. I was recently drawn into one post in particular, “Fake Designer Bags: The Fake Debate.” I’ve seen knock-off versions of high-end designer bags and have wondered why someone would buy them and what is the big fuss about when someone does? I love what Nicole Leigh said:

“I personally don’t agree with buying fake replicas. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. There are so many great bags out there at different price points, why get a fake?”

She also points out that the fake replicas hurts the handbag business and these counterfeit bags have often been tied to smuggling illegal drugs. There’s just bad mojo all around these rip-offs.

Nicole Leigh goes on to say:

“By finding great new designers you’ll be a trend setter, not a trend follower. So don’t try to fit in with a replica, be original! And trust me, we can spot a fake.”

So to everyone with a love, or even just an interest in handbags, you can get your fashionista fix over at and with the free Mallzee iPhone App.

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