Mens Urban Summer Style Quick Guide before It is Too Late for You

Mens urban summer style

Mens urban summer style could be your next target this summer. When you are running out ideas and stuff in your closet, this guide is your best friend to fill up your inspiration box once again. Just take a quick reading through this post and you will refresh your style in the end. Wearing outfits in summer are a bit different than other seasons. It seems impossible to have well-dressed under the heat temperature, right? What is the most important thing in men’s style? Yes, it is sticking up in details whether it is the base outfit or just compliments. Let us check the best base styles for your summer today.

Polo is the first thing that you have to wear for mens urban summer style. Wearing polo shirt is not a difficult wardrobe for men because it belongs to them since long time ago. Take a look on your golf or tennis shirt. That is what we call as polo shirt. This is your best chance to wear out your polo shirt in the summer. For your information, it is always easy to wear polo because it is one of the most versatile shirts in the fashion world. Go with your size and measure the color attention this time. Do not wear under-size polo if you want to expose your body proportions. It gives smaller look instead. Be easy with your large size body.

Mens urban summer style cool

Some tips in choosing polo for mens urban summer style are as following. Make sure the material of your polo shirts. Wearing cotton polo will be better for casual events like playing tennis or golf. Another important thing is the color. Choose unique polo’s colors especially in bright and cheerful colors. The reason is that this is summer, dude. Dark has gone. Take more energy with white or yellow colors. It represents how excited you are to welcome summer. Moreover, dark color will save the heat from the sunlight which makes you not comfortable to be exposed by the sun.

Last but not least, we will ask you to choose flat front short for this summer style of men. Do not wear baggy jeans or long shorts in summer because it resists your movements obviously. This is not a smart style for your summer activities. Consider the size of your shorts. The best criteria are the suitable shorts for your current legs.  However, the current trend forces us to purchase slim and tight shorts these days. Do not worry because you can wear the small one to give better silhouette of your mens urban summer style.

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