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Penn Ave Eyewear

two weeks ago I told my neighbor that I haven’t had an eye exam since I was in middle school. She was pretty shocked and told me to schedule an appointment ASAP. Considering the fact that I’m a photographer, I thought that maybe I was a total fool for not doing this sooner than later – after all, my job relies a lot on my eyesight. Hey, maybe my vision is terrible and I just don’t know the difference… I thought. So I schedule an appointment and off I went.

Penn Ave Eyewear specs

I sat through a bunch of weird tests, with a weird doctor, only to be told… that I had 20/20 vision.

Good! I don’t need glasses.

Bad! I wanted a cute pair of glasses.

Move forward a few days and along comes Penn Avenue Eyewear! Hallelujah! Now I can rock a cute pair of spectacles, even if they are prescription-less. I initially assumed that I would have to go to their store (which, obviously I thought was on Penn Avenue) to pick out the perfect pair – but I was wrong! They operate solely over the ‘net and mail. Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Go to their website and select up to 5 pairs that you’d like to try on.

Step 2: They ship you sample pairs for FREE

Step 3: Try on and get friend’s opinions.

Step 4: Purchase your actual pair online, since you now know exactly what you want!

So, honestly, this was like the easiest process ever. It was super fun to get their box of glasses in the mail (quick!), and I got to ask my husband’s opinions without having to send him those weird photo texts from the store. And he tried a few on too just for laughs:)My neighbor (who initially insisted on my eye exam) also was over, and she provided the necessary input to pick out the winning pair. Slapped the return shipping label back on the box (included), and I was good to go! And I shopped in my lounge pants. Talk about a win.

Here they are actually on, including the style name.

Loved how big and nerdy these looked on..

They have some cool acetate frames, and I chose these ones because of the clear bottoms.

Definitely the runner up – these had the dark front-facing rims, with a fun blue color on the inside.

The winners! I loved that I got to try on multiple pairs, because then I could compare to see which were my favorite by going back and forth. Now, these come in tortoise (which I’m currently obsessed with) and an awesome blue acetate. Ah! Might have to get both…

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