Sketch Fashion Model: How to Draw Walking Pose

sketch fashion model

To sketch fashion model, the illustrator or designer should have proper skills in drawing. One of the skills which are required for illustrator is drawing walking pose. Walking pose is just like its name. The model will be sketched in walking position. This is not easy for beginner illustrator, right? So, that is why we are here. We will help you to draw this popular pose of popular fashion designers for you. If you can draw it, you will have easier way to make your own portfolio. You may have to prepare the paper and sharp pencil to draw it. Let us prepare them now.

sketch fashion model

First of all, we have to create body dimensions firstly to sketch fashion model with walking pose. To do that, cross some lines as same as the fashion figure which you want to draw. Start to draw vertical body first before you find the middle part. After that, you must prepare to draw the legs and torso of the model. In this case, you must divide the upper body and lower body. Mark the parts of the legs and start to make the line. Then, you can start to measure the head size of your model. What we got here is just a body height with some proportions of the body like head and lower body.

Everything is done and you can start to draw the head and torso to sketch fashion model in walking pose. You can draw the neck after drew the head directly. Just follow what we drew before. Then, try to make the torso. Make sure you create the suitable proportions of male or female body. When you are drawing the hips, this is where the walking poses start. It is important for you to draw proper hips with walking position. It does not matter what hip which likely look up or down. Make sure just one of the hips that seems upper than other side.

Now, you can straight to draw the legs from the hips and waists. Join the spots that we made earlier. You have to make a hint of the front leg direction. Make sure that you follow the spot to get better proportions as the result. Then, draw the entire foot. You have to correspond with everything you drew earlier such as the sizes. For your information, the back leg should have the same size with the front leg. At least, it is almost the same. Last but not least, finish your sketch fashion model on the arms.

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