Girl Fashion: How to Be Stylish


Talking about girl fashion in this modern era, it would be endless. Every year comes new trend and style in fashion which should be followed by the fashions lovers in this world. Today, we specially talk about the living creature called girl. Fashion girl is a woman who always appears with fresh looks and stylish outfits wherever she goes. This kind of girls loves to follow the current trends. Moreover, this girl also has complicated styles but it seems easy on her. These styles cannot be easily followed by common girl by the way. So, you have make fashions as your habit first before going to our instructions below.

The first step for girl fashion is by mastering the basic knowledge of styles and fashions. For your information, these girls do not style themselves above the basics of styles. They just know how to vary their basics and make it looked better and better in the future. If you do not know what the basics of fashion are, actually we have done it in our lifetime. Yeah, such outfits like T-shirts, skinny jeans or pants and pump are the basics styles which we can improve obviously by following the trends.

Playing with layers is leading you into be girl fashion too as same as our first step. If you have a friend who looks fashionable, just take a look inside her closet. You may not only find the sheath dresses, but also some sweaters, blazers and other jumpers. Those outfits are called as layers. The function of layers is to cover up the base outfits like T-shirts, clothes, dress, etc. It can be your first move to be fashionable for sure. Based on our experience, everyone never knows what their perfect combinations. It means that fashion always changes time to time.

Mixing prints with others is our last step to be fashion girls. Never be afraid to mix your polka dots and strips because it is one of the hot trends now in 2016. If you want to be fashionable, do not limit yourself with some rules of wearing outfits. Just be yourself and look the response from the others. Do what you never do before like wearing animal prints on your body. To mix it, just seek the most suitable prints each other. You may play with some colors and make sure it does not make you out of girl fashion criteria above because it looks weird if you are going too far.