Hair The Black Couleur Mauve Ideas and Everything You Need to Know

With hair the black couleur mauve, we start to find a new 2016 hair color trend now. This kind of hair color is popularized by some stars such as Katy Perry, Lily Allen and many more. The characteristics of this couleuer mauve are purple locks that look fabulous for any skin especially for dark women. Actually, it also works for medium skin tone by the way. Luckily, we have some pictures and photos for you about this black purple hair which will inspire you and move your body to your hairstylist to adapt some of those beautiful photos. After all, this color combo is very flattering for all ages.

Many women are afraid to try their hair the black couleur mauve because of several reasons. One of them is because they are not confident to use purple on their dark skin. For your information, purple and black are the most versatile colors especially for women. They support each other. In other words, the purple does not expose too much the dark color of skin unlike blonde or silver hair color. You can still be able to go to your office with such kinds of colors. Otherwise, it tones down your look and style obviously.

hair the black couleur mauve image

Bold is the character of hair the black couleur mauve. Although it is bold like red color, it does not contrary with the darker skin or hues. Violet or also called as dark purple can be your perfect combination with dark skin. If you are afraid to wear purple directly, you can choose the temporary hair dye firstly. When it comes perfectly with your styles, just go with the permanent one. We have to be grateful living in this modern era because everything is easier to be gained like temporary hair dye as just we said earlier.

That is all everything you need to know about couleur mauve for black or dark hues or skins. In this article, we have also provided some photos and pictures which you can apply on your own hair. If you are hesitant to wear it directly on your hair, just try the temporary hair color firstly. Purple is unlike blonde which relies on the skin of the users. Otherwise, it is very supportive with contrast color like dark, brown, etc.  Copy one of those styles of purple hair and you will get the results on your current styles or fashion. Do not worry because you won’t lose anything with hair the black couleur mauve.