Street Fashion Photography from Time to Time until 2016

Street Fashion Photography 2016

The street fashion photography is like a new phenomenon in this lately now. It means that fashion or style which is used by street walkers in some big cities in the world especially for women instead of studios and their models. Many photographers enshrine these unique fashions which they found right beside the big streets. Now, you will be the witnesses how amazing this style is in modern era. Those photos are taken directly from the popular cities in the world. We have collected the best photos which can be your inspiration to follow street fashion for 2016. Anyway, check them out right here, right now.

This photography is purely worn by grassroots. Mostly, the photographers take the photos via candid method. So, the models or persons who wear special and unique fashions do not know that they become the model of magazines or newspapers. The street fashion photography becomes the world trends commonly. In other words, it derives from grassroots and for grassroots either. It also becomes the influences for several countries like Japan, United States and France. This style is closely representing youth culture. It will be understood why many younger people who lead the world fashion in this modern.

Let us take a look for the examples of street fashion photography from time to time. From the Hippies until the latest one Urban styles. Hippies were popular with the denim and long hair styles which became the favorite styles in 50s ago. Meanwhile, we are familiar with Teddy Boys as street fashion in 1970s. This style relies on the drape jackets and drainpipe trousers for the youth subculture at the moment. Further into 1980s, the Punk fashion became famous even until now. Mohican hairstyle is the most characteristic for this old fashion for sure plus ripped clothing everywhere.

Skinheads were ever popular in 1990s through some famous bands at the moment. Polo shirts and short-cropped hair are the key component for this style. Going back to the presents, the 2010s is filled by Urban and Feminine Fashion Street. It represents how boy and girl style is right now. For the latest one, it is named as Kawaii style which comes from Japanese streets. This style relies on the tutu skirts and anime styles overall. Anime is a kind of cartoon which is very popular based on the comic books or manga in Japan. Perhaps, they inspire some fashion street styles nowadays.  With some accessories like wild hair, bows, or sword, this style copies cosplayers into modern street fashion photography.