Are these the ugliest shoes of all time

the ugliest shoes


In the very least the public exposure to these crimes in the name of fashion should be extremely limited. Take the High Tide Heel for instance. Who could ever forget these heeled flippers from a couple years ago that came in a variety of bright colors? Just perfect if you are ever at a party on a boat and the only way back to shore is to swim for it.

A more recent culprit is Urban Outfitters, whose take on the flip-flop has built-in socks. I guess the concept of wearing socks with sandals is no longer limited to senior citizens! There’s also the black, patent leather, strappy sandals by Karl Lagerfeld that have a skirt-looking cone attached to the ankle straps. They also come in a flat strappy sandal. Speaking of sandals, some of the ugliest choices, such as Birkenstocks, Tevas, and Crocs, actually gained popularity with people from all walks of life who were apparently more into comfort than decent looking footwear.

ugliest shoes now

Speaking of comfort, there’s always the ugly shoe whose name sounds like what people think when they see them — Ugg. How a boot goes from functional for sheepherders to fashionable for beach bods and young adults is beyond me! Finally, the designers of orthopedic shoes for the elderly and those with feet issues should be ashamed of themselves! What did these people ever do to you?

Ugly shoes are everywhere! You can’t get away from them! They’re in our closets and on the feet of people everywhere. Some we make ourselves and some we buy that way. Despite this, one thing rings true: whether shoes are “distressed”, blingy, comfortable, or just creative, there is no excuse for ugly!

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