Winter Outfit 2016 Tumblr as Your Inspirational Fashions

Winter Outfit 2016 Idea

Winter outfit 2016 tumblr should inspire you to face winter season this year. Unfortunately, there are many women who do not know what to wear in winter season. Meanwhile, wearing different outfit is a must in this cold season. Actually, the items which should be worn in winter are not too hard to be found. Maybe, people just cannot easily mix and match them with the current trend of fashion especially for 2016. Do not worry because we are here to help you considering those winter items which should you wear this year. Your wardrobe may be the same with other seasons, but the accessories couldn’t.

Midi coat is our first winter outfit 2016 tumblr today. This season is full of midi and maxi coat with super-length and wool coat for sure. This kind of coat is the favorite one for some super models like Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne. Both of them looked good in some occasions which were caught by paparazzi on the street. Moreover, you can combine it with your lovely jeans and sweater for sure. This coat has quite large coverage to cover up your dress either. It means you will not get cold easily, right? Just like the coat function, it will protect your style and body.

Winter Outfit 2016 Tumblr

Sweater cannot be separated with winter outfit 2016 tumblr. Every winter season, this kind of warm shirt will keep our body warm. Although some designers prefer to give cuddly fisherman sweater this year, it does not mean sweater cannot be the trend for winter season of 2016. You can combine it with your favorite coats or trousers obviously. The point is that sweater should be on your list if you want to face the winter season. This is the obligated outfit for the coldest season in this world. Sweater is also more versatile to be fashioned with other winter outfits.

Last but not least, leather trousers should be on your next winter outfit list. We prefer leather because it will keep the warmness on your skin. In other words, it is your best layer in the winter season. If you have rocker-style, combine it with your leather leggings. For the top, sweater is the best base top for winter obviously like we said earlier. Cover it with more layers like blazer if you want to go to your office in order to get more casual and elegant style. It is also okay if you need to go out on the night. That is all of our key components of winter outfit 2016 tumblr.

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