Womens Shoes Styling Ideas



Comfort can’t happen unless you buy shoes that fit. Once you know your true shoe size, stick to trying on several pairs in that size until you find one that works the best.

Get up and walk around in every pair you try on. While it wouldn’t be prudent to leave the store and walk around outside, you do want to walk on as many different types of terrain as you can. In other words, check out how it feels to walk on linoleum and carpet, and walk around for a good minute or two to determine if the shoes really will fit well.

Know what you can afford to spend on shoes before you enter the store so you don’t end up paying a month’s worth of rent on a pair of shoes you’ll probably never wear.

While price may not seem as important as the other shoe buying tips, it definitely factors into the ultimate decision. Set a spending limit and only try on shoes in your price range to avoid falling for a pair that looks great but empties your wallet. I’m guilty of ignoring this tip a time or two, and I ended up rarely wearing the shoes I spent so much money on because I felt guilty every time I did!
A quality-made shoe will cost more than a cheaply made pair, but if you plan on wearing them regularly (and they fall within your budget) it will definitely be a good investment. You don’t want the soles of your running sneakers to wear out too quickly or the heels on your work shoes to break in three wears, so search for shoes made from durable, high quality materials designed to last. Your feet will thank you!

If you’re clueless about shoe shopping, these tips will help ensure a relatively pain-free, simple process. It can be daunting to navigate a shoe store unprepared, but utilize these shoe shopping tips and you’re guaranteed to find a great pair of shoes every time you shop.

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